The listed Service Providers have been Vetted in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. No guarantee is made that these services will be successful or are the best providers available.

The law allows parents of eligible children the right to obtain private services at public expense when they can demonstrate that the school system failed to provide an appropriate program.* Each year Hawaii families find that their children can achieve dramatic growth using private service providers to complement or substitute for failures in the public school system. 

Private Schools/Programs:                     Tutors:

No-Cost Legal Advocacy:                       Events/Webinars:    

Parent Organizations and Groups            Public Charter Schools:             

ABA Service Providers:                          Mental/Emotional Health Services:         

Speech/Language Therapy:                     Occupational Therapy:                         


   HDRC: Hawaii Disabilities Rights Center 
   LDAH: Leadership in Disabilities and Achievement of Hawai'i
   LEAP: Levin Educational Access Project
   SPIN: Special Parent Information Network


*Each situation a family faces requires an individual review by an attorney experienced in special education law. For a Free Consultation and no-cost legal representation contact the AdvocacyProject by LEGALACTION, a law corporation. https://www.hawaiisped.com/free-consult. Keith H.S. Peck, Esq.